Before Ajaz Patel, few Indian cricket fans would have known anything about the upcoming Test series against New Zealand. His name, on the other hand, is now permanently inscribed in the annals of history.

In India’s first innings, the 33-year-old claimed all ten Indian wickets. He became the third bowler in Test cricket history to take all ten wickets in an innings.

Only Jim Laker and Anil Kumble had previously accomplished this extremely unusual achievement.

In Manchester in July 1956, Englishman Jim Laker took 10-53 against Australia. Meanwhile, in February 1999, he had a 10-74 win over Pakistan in Delhi.

Ajaz, who is now in his 11th Test match for the Kiwis, was born in Mumbai in October 1988, and this was his first time playing in the city throughout his career. To make this fantastic record, he found the ideal location.

Ajaz, who was born in Mumbai and moved to New Zealand with his family when he was eight years old, is the fifth Indian-born cricketer to play for New Zealand.

When asked about playing a Test match in the city where he was born, Patel said that it made him emotional.

“It’s an emotional experience. I was counting how many times I’d left that airport, but this time I’m representing New Zealand…. I had a lot of flashbacks as I got off at the airport about leaving Mumbai for the first time and returning for the first time. It will be a memorable occasion for me, one that I will remember warmly in the future.”

Patel had stated previously. Mitchell Mclanaghan, a Kiwi fast bowler, had previously revealed how Ajaz had once appeared as a net bowler for the Mumbai Indians while on vacation in Mumbai with his family a few years back.

Ajaz began his career as a pace bowler. Former New Zealand cricketer Dipak Patel advised him to try left-arm spin.

Patel ended up with a score of 10-119. His colleagues raced to congratulate him, and the Wankhede stadium erupted in applause. This is a sight that no one who saw it in person or on TV will ever forget, just as Laker’s and Kumble’s achievements will be remembered and honoured forever.

In the meantime, Anil Kumble, the second bowler in Test cricket history to capture all ten wickets in an innings, congratulated Ajaz and welcomed him to a very exclusive club that has just gained its third member.

Ajaz Patel took all ten Indian wickets at the Wankhede in the following manner:
Shubman Gill (44)
Cheteshwar Pujara (0)
Virat Kohli (0)
Shreyas Iyer (18)
Wridhiman Saha (27)
R Ashwin (0)
Mayank Agarwal (150)
Axar Patel (52)
Jayant Yadav (12)
Mohammed Siraj (4)


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